Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you the right stuff.

I travel to 7 towns in my region. I could do more but I am limited.
I print up flyers and go letter box dropping and meet lots of people and give away my art book.
It is a giant job, and cost me $8,000 approx. a year to accomplish, to feed the sheep. I have been witnessing most of my life. Now only 3 days a week.
If you want to take the banner from my hand ..................... its free. The race is over soon.
You can support my work with $10 or whatever Jesus tells you, to donate. Either direct to my account:

The Commonwealth Bank Australia
Paul Hudson
BBS Number: (06) 4475
Account number: 10138430
Or via Pay Pal:

Love you heaps and I will see you in the golden city soon..amen.